Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitty Purry

*Phew phew ,muka kenyang perut tenang.Yeah dapat makan roti cicah milo pun jadi ler kan .Hiks .*

Okay lets start ,i was so bored waiting in the car this morning so i took these pict of mine .And that's the worth thing to do when boredom is killing our vein.Haha silakan-lah snap gambar sendiri masa boring ,It helps to decrease yr boredom .Try it !

Escaped alien from planet HAHA .kayy just kidding ,its me .Hi please dont be scared ;)

And meet my naughty lil boy ,Muhamad Danish .Do we look alike so much ?Haha if we do then thats mean you agreed to vote me as a cutie HAHA .Ok jangan muntah hijau please ,tak mampu den nak tolong :P

Okay that's all from me for today ,oh my its already 1.30 in the morning and i heard something outside ,sounds like foot steps .OKAY THIS IS NOT FUNNY.>> Cool chill .Ok dah takde ,mujur Oprah kat tv ni cakap banyak .Thanks Oprah for accompanying me tonight even i just watched yr show gitu-gitu jew.

***just knew that Katy Perry is a pet lover and she owns a cat named Kitty Purry ^.^ 

Bye goodnight *i hope i can sleep well .No nightmares please .Muah


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