Friday, April 1, 2011

Not an April Fool entry

First April 2011 - and i'd scratch it .Leave a scar on it .Hm sorry for being so childish and immature.It's not what i choose to be and certainly you've made me to be one.FYI ,i got a very high and powerful dose of jealousy #averybadone .And since we are together for a quite some times ,a very long time actually so you should be alert .I'm yours and i want to be yours forever .
I'd made my mind and i will always keep on what i've been promised to myself .Please understand and be concern on what i want from our relationship .Loyalty and honesty .And our relationship will be everlasting if God wills ,i'm really looking forwrd to it .I love you so much .Kisses and hugs from me to you .xoxo .

I wish i can share this moment with you  

***sometimes i  i can barely control my ego ,and its hard to admit it to you .Sorry :(

Goodnight peeps.Bye     
*2.30 a.m*


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