Sunday, April 3, 2011

My heart skips a beat.

source : Tumblr

My diet plan is turning out .Erk .I EAT MORE AND MORE SECOND BY SECOND .Gosh i turned to be a monster .My tummy really need a therapy and seriously i can't stop chewing ! 

source : Tumblr

Okay if i'm still a school teenager ,i still can consider my eating habit as a normal thing .Well because of my schedule and hectic days .But not now as i just doing nothing at home.I'm just watching the tv ,surfing the net and do all the house chores which not required much effort at all.Blergh i'm loosing my mind when hungrayhh .Just can't resist the sound my tummy makes .Its so pathetic and i am bit disappointed with myself .Huh ~_~

I really need to workout ! I think my weight is increasing silently and apparently my thigh's growing bigger *shame o me* .Haha yeah i can feel the difference walaweyy :O

* while i'm blogging this ,i'm on the phone with on of my besties ,haha dia sedang membunga-bunga cinton hikhik .Suka dengar cerita cinta kawan yg sedang bahagia ♥ .May the both of you sheet in the happinessLove xoxo

**psst psst ,currently listening to Lenka's song - Heart skips a beat .Good song ,haa what a great voice Lenka got ! Love it :)

Sekian :')



axiirasya said...

haha . same goes to me . i keep stuffing my face . makan makan makan . hee :D

Nursyuhada said...

Haa tahu takpe afsu makan ni mmg tak boleh dikawal kan .ai aii T_T

Nursyuhada said...